Megan Goetz


June 24, 2022

Moé + Kayano

Photographer: https://www.instagram.com/megangoetzphoto/

Intimates: https://www.heymavens.com/

These two tattoo-covered queer lovers brought literal tears to my eyes as I sat down to edit these photos. I am so proud of the end result. I have no words to describe this shoot other than it was pure magic. I’ve never witnessed so much love. These two lovers got lost in their own world, and I just got to sit back and document. The shoot started out pretty slowly. It’s always a little more tough to get comfortable in front of the camera when you are doing such a vulnerable photoshoot. Not to mention, it was night time and we were using flash, which always feels a bit more difficult than a warm sunny golden hour session. But boy oh boy, after a few minutes of shooting with direct flash and trying to get the vibes right – I noticed the way the steam from the hot tub danced around in the light from the lantern that was sitting on the railing. That sparked some intense inspiration within me and from there we just went crazy! We turned up the music and I just let them do their thing. It’s so special when I get to witness two people really get comfortable in front of the camera, and they really did. I absolutely love shooting in environments that get me out of my comfort zone and this was definitely one of those. I feel like this shoot really encapsulates my goal of “capturing feelings and colorful moments. These photos give me all the feels. I hope you love them as much as I do. And the biggest thank you to Hay Mavens intimates for providing the perfect little velvet sets for these two to rock.

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