A Funky, Bowie, Western Editorial

A Funky, Bowie, Western Editorial

Megan Goetz


January 14, 2023

Jemma + Josie

This funky, editorial shoot was inspired by the idea of “This backdrop isn’t big enough for the two of us” and the challenge was to creatively pose and shoot all within the bounds of a 4 foot backdrop. (For those that have never shot multiple subjects in front of a backdrop, 4 feet is VERY small). 

Challenge accepted. And dare I say, I crushed it? Even with a crippling migraine 😉 

This shoot was SOOO much fun for me. Way back when I got my first DSLR in 2011, all I did was force my friends to get weird in front of the camera for me, so feel like I got my start in the photography world with creative portraits and It’s something so dear to my heart. I love any opportunity I get to create some creative portraits, and it’s something I would love to do so much more of (here’s your sign to book a creative portrait session – lets chat xx). Plus, the nod to Bowie. UGH, my heart. 

The biggest shoutout to the team of amazing creatives who pulled this funky editorial shoot together. 

Models: @fleshbvnny @josiexcoyote

Wardrobe: @seattlegowns

HAMU: @kyliehawkinsmua 

Retreat: @rootedinlove__



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