Megan Goetz


January 14, 2023

Sarah + Tristan

Que the perfect minimalist studio engagement shoot we’ve all been searching for:

Finally the day has come that these two make it onto the blog. My two longest clients <3

 I first photographed these two all the way back in 2011… They were the first couple to step in front of my lens and It’s been such an honor to photograph so many different phases of life and milestones for these two. Photographing their engagement photos felt like such a full circle moment for me and my business. I could cry thinking about how much I love these two and how they’ve supported me and my business over the years.

Anddddd, to no surprise at all they absolutely f*cking crushed their engagement shoot. I’m a huuuuge fan of studio shoots and I wish I got the chance to shoot in a studio more. It’s honestly the perfect solution to shooting in the winter, or just the crappy weather in SF. I just love the energy of a studio session. Music blasting, LaCroix’s in hand, inspiration flowin’. It’s just so good. This is one of my favorite studio’s to shoot at in SF, especially in the afternoon when the light is shining through the windows. It’s the perfect sleek blank canvas that worked perfectly for their monochromatic, minimalistic style. But you could totally have some fun and bring color into the space too. I love a studio for that reason. It’s a blank canvas that you can turn into whatever your heart desires. Or keep it minimal like these two did 😉

Sarah and Tristan put a lot of thought into what they wanted their engagement photos to look and feel like, which I looove and appreciate so much. They knew their wedding was going to be a classy black tie affair with minimal color, so they wanted their engagement photos to reflect that same vibe. Mission accomplished. I freakin’ love the minimalist, timeless feel of these photos and they will truly never go out of style. I always suggest doing one classier outfit and one that’s a bit more casual. One, to show off your personality a bit more by having a variety of outfits. And two, sometimes it’s just easier to pose in a pair of jeans than it is in a dress!!! I love that Sarah and Tristan brought variety into their wardrobe while still keeping with the clean, minimalistic look. These two have always been style icons, but their outfits….. Chef’s kiss <3 

If you aren’t a flowy dress in a field type of couple, an minimalist studio engagement shoot, or a funky editorial studio session might be the answer for you. I’m ALWAYS up for the fun, outside of the box, creative, editorial sh*t, so if you want to do somethin’ a bit out of the box for you engagement session, let’s chat!!!! 



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