An Intimate & Casual Elopement in Sea Ranch, CA

Megan Goetz


October 18, 2023

A Beautiful Sea Ranch Elopement Day

When it comes to capturing special moments, there’s nothing quite like an intimate casual elopement. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful elopement at a mid-century modern cabin and the stunning cliffside in Sea Ranch, CA. The entire experience was filled with timeless charm and a touch of nostalgia.

sea ranch elopement on the coast

Eloping at an Airbnb in Sea Ranch, CA

The location itself played a significant role in creating a unique atmosphere for this intimate celebration. The mid-century modern cabin exuded a sense of cozy simplicity, perfectly complementing the couple’s laid-back style. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, the cabin added a nostalgic touch to the overall aesthetic.

I met Sarah and Will at their darling Airbnb in the late afternoon and we spent the first few hours exploring the woodsy areas around their Airbnb, chillin’ on the couch in the gorgeous living room, and planning out how we wanted their little ceremony to go down. They were seriously so chill, ready for anything, and totally up for the adventure!

Cliffside Elopement Ceremony

After the cutest little photo sesh around the property, we headed for the coast. The sun was still pretty bright in the sky so we found some pretty cypress trees to frolic around in while we waited for the sun to go down a bit. Then, we trekked out to the most epic coastal cliff where we did the damn thing. This elopement was incredibly special because not only did I get to photograph two of the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful humans on earth, but I got to OFFICIATE too!!!! It was a magical, powerful, windy moment that I’ll cherish forever.

After the vows, celebratory hugs, and laughs, we made our way back into the cypress trees for some golden hour magic before we headed back to their Airbnb for some champagne, a homegrown joint, and some yummy cake. Another beautiful example of a low-stress, beautiful, unique elopement.

The cliffside ceremony was nothing short of breathtaking. Picture-perfect views of the ocean provided a stunning backdrop as the couple exchanged their vows. It was a truly unforgettable moment captured in a documentary style – raw and honest, just like their love.

coastal elopement ceremony in sea ranch

Capturing this Intimate Elopement in Sea Ranch

One of the things I love most about my photography style is the ability to capture the essence of these intimate moments. It’s about going beyond posed shots and capturing the candid and genuine interactions between the couple. By using a filmy approach, I aim to evoke the feeling of a timeless film, where every frame is carefully composed to tell a story.

Throughout the elopement, I worked discreetly, ensuring that the couple’s experience remained uninterrupted. By doing so, I was able to capture the moments as they unfolded naturally, resulting in a collection of photographs that truly reflect the authenticity of their love.

Why I Love This Type of Elopement Day

In a world where everything seems to move so quickly, there’s something special about embracing a more casual and intimate celebration. The elopement at the mid-century modern cabin and cliffside in Sea Ranch, CA perfectly captured the essence of this concept. It was a reminder that love isn’t measured by grand gestures but by the beautiful, heartfelt moments shared between two individuals.

As a photographer, my goal is to create images that transport you back to those moments and evoke the same emotions you felt at that time. By employing a documentary style and focusing on candid interactions, I aim to capture the essence of love in its purest form.

This intimate casual elopement was an incredible experience, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to document such a special day. The combination of the mid-century modern cabin, the picturesque cliffside, and the genuine love shared by Sarah and Will made for a truly unforgettable celebration. I look forward to capturing more timeless and heartfelt moments for couples in the future.

Sea Ranch: The Perfect Small Town for an Intimate Elopement Day

If you haven’t driven north on Highway 1 from San Francisco to Sea Ranch, you must. It is STUNNING. Seriously, one of the most spectacular drives I’ve driven in a long time (and I drive a lot). Sea Ranch is the most charming, architecturally beautiful little coastal town that will make anyone swoon. Plus, it’s the perfect place for a lil elopement!

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