70s-Inspired Sacramento City Hall Elopement & Photoshoot

Megan Goetz


October 31, 2023

An Intimate Sacramento City Hall Elopement

Liam and Theresa are the perfect example of how to let loose and truly enjoy your photoshoot! This lovely couple is getting married in October of 2024, but they just couldn’t wait until then to officially tie the knot! So, they opted for an intimate Sacramento city hall elopement with a fun photoshoot. They did this because they wanted a day for just the two of them to celebrate their love without the stress and fuss of a wedding day! They are of course stoked about their wedding but they were so glad that they chose to do this!

Liam and Theresa’s City Hall Photoshoot

Okay, I first need to start off by acknowledging how cool these two are. They showed up in the coolest 70s-inspired attire and I was OBSESSED!! And on top of having impeccable style, they were also so much fun to work with. Being in front of the camera was so effortless for them. It truly felt like I was just following them around on a date night and they were having the best time! 

Liam and Theresa went into the courthouse to officially tie the knot and then I met up with them afterwards. The area outside of the Sacramento Capital is stunning and there were so many perfect backdrops for their photos! And the lighting this day was GORGEOUS! I followed them around as they celebrated their new marriage and they were truly beaming! These two were so amazing and I am so glad they chose to do this photoshoot. It just goes to show that a photo shoot is ALWAYS worth it! 

And now Liam and Theresa have the perfect photos to use for their invitations and guestbook at their wedding next October! 

Celebrating With a Photoshoot

As a wedding and elopement photographer, I typically capture engagement sessions and weddings and that is all couples choose to do. But, I am here to tell you that you can book a photoshoot to celebrate whenever you want! Even if you have already done engagement photos, and your wedding isn’t for another year! You are only in this phase of life once, so soak it all up and celebrate in as many ways as you can! 

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas:

Even if you have already taken your engagement photos, it’s never a bad idea to do another photoshoot. This is one of the most exciting times of your life so I highly encourage you to take advantage of this electric love you have for one another and capture as many moments as possible. If you already did a more traditional engagement photoshoot to use for wedding invitations, do another session and this time make it a photoshoot that is more personal!

1. Courthouse Elopement Before Your Big Wedding

Do exactly what Liam and Theresa did and book a photoshoot and head to city hall before your big wedding day! You don’t need to wait to get married if you don’t want to. I love this so much because it is a day ONLY about the two of you and your love! Then celebrate afterward with a photoshoot that represents who you are as a couple! 

2. Date Night Photoshoot

If you have a favorite activity or hobby you love doing together, do a photoshoot of that. These types of sessions are some of my favorites because you get to capture raw and real joy by doing something you both love. Or you could replicate your first date and go to the same restaurant. Or if you love playing pickleball, do a pickleball couples photoshoot. Make it your own and do something that is just for the two of you! 

3. Couples Boudoir Photoshoot

Couples’ boudoir sessions are so special because they are much more intimate and raw. This is the type of photoshoot that is really only for the two of you. To capture your beautiful connection and to be able to look back on 20 years from now! 

4. Weekend Getaway at an Airbnb

In the stress of all of the wedding planning, take a trip somewhere and rent a cozy Airbnb. Airbnb photoshoots specifically in cozy cabins in the fall or winter are some of my favorites. You can make this type of session so personal to who you are as a couple. You could make a nice dinner together, enjoy some cocktails by the fireplace, or soak in the bathtub or jacuzzi with some wine! 

5. A Photoshoot With Your Pets

If you didn’t include your pets in your engagement photoshoot, then you definitely should book another session to do with them. Pets are family and let me tell you, you will be so grateful you have those photos years from now! 

6. Day Before the Wedding Adventure Session

If you are getting married in an area that is close to a national park or a stunning beach area, do one last photoshoot before you tie the knot. I love this because you get to capture the last few moments of this chapter of your life. 

At the end of the day, this time in your life is going to fly by and I encourage you to take as many opportunities as you can to capture these special moments! 

Meet Your Northern California Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Hi there, I’m Meg, your San Francisco Elopement Photographer!

I’ve always wanted to be a photographer and to be able to call this my full-time job is an absolute dream come true. Creating captivating, authentic images just sets my soul on fire and I have so much gratitude for this art. I love capturing moments. I’m the girl who takes my film camera everywhere I go because I just want to look back and remember what I was feeling at that moment. I love being able to look at a photo and travel back in time.

Being a photographer has allowed me to find the moments of beauty in everyday life and there is nothing I love more than allowing people to see themselves as a piece of art.

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