Intimate Joshua Tree Wedding at Tierra Del Sol 

Megan Goetz


June 5, 2024

Intimate Joshua Tree Wedding at Tierra Del Sol 

The dreamiest Joshua Tree wedding everrrrrr!! The colors. The intimacy. The location. The intention. The JOY. Truly one of my favorite days I’ve ever had the honor of documenting. Myriah + Kyle put on the most epic wedding weekend in Joshua Tree.

When they first reached out to me, I was over the moon because 

a.) I f*cking love Joshua Tree. 

b.) their vision was sooo good!!

c.) Their biggest priority for their wedding day was to have fun and keep it casual. 

An Airbnb Wedding in Joshua Tree

They booked a huge 130-acre property in Joshua Tree where they stayed for the whole weekend with their friends and family. This allowed them to really soak in all the love and quality time with their favorite people beyond just the wedding day. They started the weekend on Thursday with drinks and tacos at the super cute Red Dog Saloon in the iconic Pioneertown. We were able to join them, which was super fun to get to meet everyone before the wedding! 

Myriah & Kyle’s Wedding Day in Joshua Tree

Their wedding on Friday was absolute perfection. Laid back, colorful, playful, and intimate! All of my favorite things. 

Now, of course I love all the wedding days that I get to document and I really can’t pick favorites, but this wedding is definitely high on the list. It was so laid back and intentional, and because of that I feel like I really got to take my time and get creative. I love a smaller, more intimate wedding day because it allows the couple to really soak it in and be present. 

If you know me at all, you know that presence is my highest priority. Wedding days fly by soooo fast, and if your timeline is jam-packed and you have every minute accounted for, you’ll miss out on so many little details and moments. Mryiah and Kyle kept things pretty simple and stripped down, so I was able to help them through a lot of the planning and timeline prep which I loved! We were able to take our time with things, and I think that’s why I love the outcome of these photos so much. You can’t rush creativity!! 

Why an Airbnb Wedding Might be Perfect for You

There is something just so intimate and personal about doing a wedding at an Airbnb. The vibes are more laid back, people are super comfortable and days feel like pure bliss. If you are unsure of where to host your wedding, I highly recommend an Airbnb wedding. It’s perfect for smaller weddings and those who want to spend an entire weekend celebrating with their closest family and friends. 

The properties are also much more unique than a wedding venue and oftentimes a LOT more budget-friendly. You of course will need to make sure that you check with the Airbnb host that weddings are allowed. 

Myriah & Kyle’s Wedding Vendors

Tierra Del Sol (Airbnb)



Book Meg to Capture Your Intimate Wedding

Hi there, I’m Meg, your intimate wedding photographer!

I’ve always wanted to be a photographer and to be able to call this my full-time job is an absolute dream come true. Creating captivating, authentic images just sets my soul on fire and I have so much gratitude for this art. I love capturing moments. I’m the girl who takes my film camera everywhere I go because I just want to look back and remember what I was feeling at that moment. I love being able to look at a photo and travel back in time.

Being a photographer has allowed me to find the moments of beauty in everyday life and there is nothing I love more than allowing people to see themselves as a piece of art.

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