Where it All Began: A Farmer’s Market Engagement Photoshoot

Megan Goetz


May 29, 2024

Imagine taking your engagement photos at the place you met… Well that is exactly what Jake and Grace did and I couldn’t be more obsessed. From meeting at a farmers market dating event to getting engaged and then doing a farmer’s market engagement photoshoot, this is truly the cutest and most special story! 

farmers market engagement photoshoot

Jake & Grace’s Love Story

This love story is one of the cutest of all time. Jake and Grace’s story started at the Clement Street farmers market (the best farmers market in the city in my opinion). There is a dating stand called “Loose Grapes” where singles can meet organically at the farmers market by taking a Polaroid picture and filling out a dating profile that gets hung up every Sunday. It’s like a dating app but in person! How cute, right? Jake saw Grace’s cute Polaroid and some fun facts hung up at the farmers market and he decided to reach out!

They had their first date at Andytown Coffee in the Outer Richmond, followed by dinner at Outerlands in the Sunset. As a fellow Richmond District neighbor, I felt even more connected to and inspired by their story. It’s been so fun to see Loose Grapes out at the farmers market every Sunday, and to know that there’s a Loose Grapes SUCCESS story is seriously the cutest thing of allll time!!! 

Jake & Grace’s Farmers Market Engagement Photoshoot

So of course when planning their engagement session, we knew the Clement Street Farmers Market had to be a big part of it. After all, that’s the place where it all began! We met early Sunday morning to beat the crowds (iykyk). Starting off strong with coffee and pastries from Breck’s, we eased our way into the photoshoot. It was so fun to capture them in a place that isn’t only just special to them, but to me too! The neighborhood pride was soo real!!! 

I tagged along as they picked up some produce and flowers, stopping at their favorite vendors, and taking big bites of pastries in between. It was truly the cutest to witness. 

Engagement Photos at the Presidio

Next up, they had an outfit change and we headed for the Presidio where we had bright blue skies, wildflowers, and the most epic views. We took in the sights and expressed so much gratitude for this little corner of San Francisco that we all get to call home. 

Planning Your Own Engagement Session

I’ve said it a thousand times before, but I’ll say it again: make your engagement shoot special and personal to YOU. This is such a beautiful time in your life, and being able to keep a record of these precious moments in a way that feels authentic to you two and your story is so so powerful!! A beautiful time capsule to hold onto forever <3 

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Meet Your San Francisco Engagement Photographer

Hi there, I’m Meg, your San Francisco Engagement Photographer!

I’ve always wanted to be a photographer and to be able to call this my full-time job is an absolute dream come true. Creating captivating, authentic images just sets my soul on fire and I have so much gratitude for this art. I love capturing moments. I’m the girl who takes my film camera everywhere I go because I just want to look back and remember what I was feeling at that moment. I love being able to look at a photo and travel back in time.

Being a photographer has allowed me to find the moments of beauty in everyday life and there is nothing I love more than allowing people to see themselves as a piece of art.

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