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January 14, 2023

This funky, editorial shoot was inspired by the idea of “This backdrop isn’t big enough for the two of us” and the challenge was to creatively pose and shoot all within the bounds of a 4 foot backdrop. (For those that have never shot multiple subjects in front of a backdrop, 4 feet is VERY small). 

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A Funky, Bowie, Western Editorial

They were going for “casual, introspective, we’re a work in progress, but we’re having a good time” vibes. As soon as we got off the call I was flooded with ideas. The idea behind their podcast is “we’re just two friends casually having the conversations nobody wants to have”. Talking about the weird shit, the deep, sticky, wacky, personal stuff – but all while keeping it casual and not taking things too seriously.


January 6, 2023

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